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Vertimower - Mow Master (26-inch) – Lawn Dethatcher | Lawn Scarifier



All lawn varieties can build up thatch from time to time. Small amounts of thatch can be beneficial to prevent evaporation and it aids water retention and can give increased tolerance to wear and tear. However, when this thatch accumulation reaches a point where it impedes water, air and fertiliser penetration, then it needs to be removed by scalping the lawn. 

Dethatching is important for all homeowners who want to maintain good looking, thick and healthy lawn. Providing you vertimow your lawn at the right time of the year, and it’s done properly, most lawns will truly benefit as the grass roots will receive more air, water and nutrients.

Product Specifications


  • Powered by a world-class Honda engine VMM26/2 – 9HP

  • Cutting depth up to 40mm

  • Self-propelled dual clutch transmission

  • Easy depth control with quick ground clearance

  • Adjustable soft touch drive lever

  • Grass catcher included

  • 2pce differential rear roller

  • 8-point tungsten tipped blades

  • Full tank of fuel included

  • Full insurance and warranty on machine


Operators, maintenance & safety manuals must be read and understood.

Available to landscaping professionals or DIY customers who require lawn aerator hire and vertimower hire Perth.