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For those who have a project in mind, but require professional help, we can arrange a time to better understand what you’d like to achieve and provide you with an
obligation-free quote.

Landscaping Design

Let one of our amazing landscape designers bring your vision to life, and transform your space into the picture-perfect setting you always wanted.

Weed Control

There’s nothing more detracting to your outdoor area than weed growth, and if left untreated, they can also severely impact the health of your lawn and garden.


Thinking about getting your reticulation sorted after all these years so that you stand a chance in summer? Perhaps the bugger is playing up and not working the way it used to? A job for the professionals to save you countless hours of frustration.

Lawn Care

Lawn envy is a thing. We all know it. There’s no better way to be the envy of your street, by having one of our landscaping experts take care of your lawn for you on an ongoing basis – mowing, edging, vertimowing, coring, fertilising and the list goes on.

Rent Inspections

Have you let the backyard (and front!) get a little out of hand since your last rent inspection? You could rent some of our equipment and try and sort it out yourself, or you could get one of our landscapers in Perth to drop by and sort it out for you. Just a little less stress.

Commercial Maintenance

We have a trusted registry full of some of the best landscapers in Perth. If you are looking for a more affordable and reliable solution to maintaining your large property, premises or paddocks, ask A-Team Landscaping & Maintenance for a quote from each of our landscapers today.

Our Portfolio

We help Perth residents transform their outdoor areas into something they can be truly proud of.

A-Team Landscaping & Maintenance caters for everyone - whether you are a landscaper, contractor, DIY customer or someone looking for professional landscaping services, we have a solution for you.

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A-Team Landscaping & Maintenance provide landscaping equipment hire in Perth to landscapers and DIY customers.

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